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Interview with Max Cooper by WOW


2022年2月中旬、WOWはオンラインでコラボレーターのMax Cooperへインタビューを実施。科学博士号を持ち、エレクトリックミュージックの第一人者として世界的な評価を得ているオーディオ・ビジュアルアーティストMax Cooperの創作活動に対する姿勢や、制作アプローチ、「輪郭-Contour-」制作時の振り返りなどを探る。全3回。
WOW released our original short film “Contour” in 2021 and it won two Silvers at the 43rd Annual Telly Awards in Visual Effects and Art Direction of Non-Broadcast-Craft.
In mid of February 2022, WOW had an online interview with our collaborator Max Cooper, an audio/visual artist with a Ph.D. in science and an international reputation as a leading figure in electronic music. We explored how he approaches his creation, his attitude toward the works, and the backstory of the sound design from “Contour.” This interview concludes in three episodes.
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