WOW20th Anniversary Movie Logo


Ever evolving together with the times and advancing technologies, WOW has continued to diversify its creative expressiveness, and in 2017 welcomes its 20th year in existence. In advance of this milestone 20th year comes the launch of the new project WOW20. We will be announcing 12 works, all on the theme of ‘Shitsurae.’ The meaning of ‘Shitsurae’ is to give appropriate shape to something, to express it accurately and definitively, and to provide a comfortable and pleasant experience. We will express the quiet act of consideration for others, an act which contains the aesthetic sensibility of Japan, with determination to communicate it to Japan and societies of the world.

As a precursor to these works, we have launched ‘the WOW20th Anniversary Movie Logo Internal Competition,’ involving visual media using the WOW20 logo. The task requires expressing WOW20, and completed with the logo, within 30 seconds. The 22 entries created by 25 participants are, unlike their normal creations, explosive expressions of each individual designer’s personality. The result is that these WOW20 works currently being exhibited provide anticipation for a new style of diversity.