Smart TV Box KDDI


About the Work

This was a design project for the Set Top Box (STB) provided by KDDI corporation. Along with services for TV, the smart TV STB also allows people to access the service by way of an Android App. WOW was in charge of creating the initial conceptual design, the UI/UX for the main body of the OS, and the visual design. We were involved in a wide range of tasks in the overall supervision of the App design, and in working towards the goal of creating a new form of TV.


The new “form” of TV that WOW aspired to create, required the construction of a smart platform that went beyond the boundaries of the two existing media; TV and Computers. By fusing the two, the amount of content expanded exponentially. We worked on the UI/UX using a variety of prototypes, that allowed users to achieve their objective without getting lost in such a huge amount of content. WOW wanted to merge TV and Android content, while keeping the operation as simple as possible. Our past experience in creating motion graphics and installations helped us to shape this emotional and user-friendly interface.

※ These pictures were taken when the project was first launched.



Creative Director:
Mamoru Kano (WOW)

UI Designers:
Takaaki Morita (WOW)
Sayaka Maruyama (WOW)
Miki Ogata (WOW)
Haruka Kanno (WOW)

Visual Designers:
Kaoru Kudo (WOW)
Takuma Sasaki (WOW)
Shinya Kikuchi (WOW)

Seiya Takasawa (WOW)

Sound Designer:
Masato Hatanaka

Kazuhiko Kameda (WOW)