Reality Lab


About the Work

An installation work exhibited in Reality Lab Rebirth and Re-creation, directed by Issey Miyake at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT. The work titled Spherical Origami had been realized in collaboration with the computer scientist Jun Mitani, a pioneer in the field of “three- dimensional origami.” WOW had been respon- sible for the motion graphics visualizing the mechanism of Mitani’s three-dimentional origami, as well as the programming of the lights illuminating the displays, and the overall configuration of the installation space.

About the Exhibition

Three-dimensional origami works piled upon a large white acrylic table. This was a visualiza- tion of the thought processes involved in the creation of Mitani’s three dimensional origami works, which are developed through many trials and errors. The emphasis was placed on constructing an installation themed on the processes by which formless imaginations develop into orderly structures. Displayed at the perimeter of the table were the completed works, which are the terminus of such processes. The Max/MSP was incorporated for the system configuration, controlling the movements of the 8 lights to be in synch with the motion graphics. The completed works were each illuminated in turns, enhancing the contrast between the formless and the ordered, and making the brilliant construc- tions of the human mind ever more visible.



Creative Director:
Mamoru Kano

Art Director:
Kaoru Kudo

Visual Designers:
Shinya Kikuchi
Yusuke Mizuno
Takuma Sasaki

Tomohiro Nagasaki

Kazuhiko Kameda
Hiroshi Takahashi

Object Works: Jun Mitani