LISMO & 3 pass


About the work

The aim of this project was to design a variety of applications centered around KDDI’s music service. WOW was involved from the early planning stages of the LISMO Application. We also took a leading role in the supervision of all LISMO related apps for AU’s music service, as well as reconstructing and programming the UI and UX design for the “three pass service” – Uta Pass, Video Pass, and Book Pass.


In keeping with the concept of “Discover Future” on the LISMO Music App, WOW constructed a platform called MusicMap that lets users discover and explore new music. The visually effective and emotional interface was created utilizing flat pop design. By setting functional colors for each function and offering the ability to switch functions by way of the side bars, we emphasized smart informative architecture to easily navigate users. We also standardized GUI and UX for the three Pass App, pursuing complete simplicity and ease of operation. We established design guidelines to allow for future expansion with a continued sense of unity.



Creative Director:
Mamoru Kano (WOW)

Art Director:
Kaoru Kudo (WOW)

Production Manager:
Izumi Horio (S2 Factory)

UX Directors:
Yuu Morita (Tsurukame)
Fumiya Yamamoto (Necomeshi)

UI Designers:
Miki Ogata (WOW)
Haruka Kanno (WOW)
Sayaka Maruyama (WOW)

Kazuhiko Kameda (WOW)
Shinichi Saeki (WOW)