Factory and Fantasy

Factory and Fantasy

Factory and Fantasy

An installation where reality and imagination blends In 2009 wowlab participated in the OCCUR2009 event organized by Sendai Creative Cluster Consortium. We worked in collaboration with designers, artists and scientists in our region producing an installation work entitled “Factory and Fantasy”. Our greatest challenge with this work was how the objet produced by Shinsuke Hamada could affect wowlabs motion graphics and how they could continuously affect the interactive aspects of the installation. When observing the complete work it must seem as if the physical elements and digital elements unify in creating a single system. Another large element effecting the work was our continuing discussion with Takuro Kayahara, a specialist of cognitive science. How we could create visual representations from a scientific standpoint combined with our other challenges became very important to us. We made our discussions public through the wowlab website in conjunction with the lead-up publicity for the installation.

FesLab Urban creative festival research laboratory.

Reality and Imagination

Our lives contain both the realistic and the imaginary. We live facing the realities of a tough society but our dreams hint at feelings of hope for tomorrow. We tight-rope walk the balancing act between these two states. “Factory and Fantasy” is an experimental installation produced by architects, visual image composers, musicians and scientists. The project outline was to construct a work combining the technology and imagination of each field. The work occupies the space between fantasy and reality and explores the borderline itself. By doing this we seek to prove that media art is a viable platform for fusing technology and knowledge from many fields. Our wish is that by experiencing this work you may reawaken long forgotten fantasies that you never knew you had lost.



Formed by san (vo) and Nerve (prog) in Tokyo in 1999 and currently based in Sendai. Although it is hard to categorize antennasia’s music because of the unique style, their musical influences range from electronica, to the Bristol sound, to dub and jazz. Their first remix album “Velo-City:remixed” was released in Japan in 2008 and has just been released worldwide in 2009.

Takuro Kayahara, Ph.D.

Associate professor (Department of Spatial Design and Information Systems, School of Project Design, Miyagi University). He was born in Tokyo, 1968. He produce the interactive installations for making people aware of the wonder of their own perception and cognition, based on his research of the perceptual and cognitive psychology, such as “Me-Camera” workshop (NTT Intercommunication Center, 2004).


Make story be invented in the key word ‘Story scenery’, and that becomes the chance of communications from which do the work. The unique furniture ‘Happy Birchday’ that used the Birch material is exhibited at international furniture trade fair in 2007. Received 10 or more regardless of construction, furniture, product, lighting, and signature, etc..


The visual design studio “WOW”,based in Tokyo and Sendai. Mainly does production works for promotion videos and visual installations.Besides those clients works such as TV-CF, promotion videos works and visual identification design, we also produce original works which we can put all of our originality and creativity. ”wowlab” started in 2006, led by wow Sendai staff. ”wowlab” is challenging to create the best visual for interface projects. Aiming to achieve the best combination between creativity and technology, design and development. To achieve the goal, we have been challenging to create variety of expression. The idea always comes from great balance of business mind and artistic mind.


The underground walking passage of Sapporo Station

We presented “Factory and Fantasy” at the underground walking passage of Sapporo Station. This was a collaboration work with ANA’s campaign, which showed a plane was slowly flying into the screen. We added extra parts to the original “Factory and Fantasy” for this event. The exhibition realized the dynamic visual space within the 25m screen.

Exhibition in Daishi tunnel, Kawasaki

In October, 2010, we exhibited ‘Factory and fantasy’ in the newly inaugurated ‘Daishi tunnel’ of the Metropolitan expressway, Kawasaki line. It was the first trial for us to reflect a work directly on a concrete wall. However, the atmosphere of the tunnel became fantastic and more than expected, and was completed in a space slightly different from our previous exhibitions. The exhibition was only a day long, but a lot of people came to experience our work.

Design Act in Rossia

The art and design event, Design Act, was held at Winzavod in Moscow from 31 August to 5 September. WOW was invited to this event, which is mainly featuring product design, as a video artist, and showed our interactive installation “Factory and Fantasy”. We filled the 30-meter wide screen with motion graphics and interaction design with 7 projectors. We created our unique and touching landscape within this beautiful space.

Exhibition in Miyagi Museum of Art

The exhibition utilized the entire second floor gallery space of the Miyagi Museum of Art, Sendai, Japan. This multimedia presentation was realized by using several computers, furniture and sculptures. Several live performances by antennasia were held within the space altering and re-expressing the visual in response to their music.

Past Exhibition

January, 2013. 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan April, 2012. The underground walking passage of Sapporo Station, Japan October, 2010. Kawasaki Dreaming Highway, Japan August, 2010. Design Act, Rossia March, 2009. Miyagi Museum of Art, Sendai, Japan.


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