Session : Andrea Valvini




This visual made in collaboration with Andrea Valvini for Session. Sound from “Soleil Rouge” by Andrea Valvini.  


What is the visual for music? What is music for a visual designer?

“Session” is a project by design unit, Wowlab. This project is a collaboration work where musicians and visual designers can interact creating new relationships between ‘sounds’ and ‘visuals’.

It is a new experience, as if you can listen to the visual and see the music. Based on this interaction, we will be creating something whereby visuals and music will be more integrated. This will be a snippet of a brand new expression which no one has witnessed before.

This project is a part of our continuing process of exploring uncharted worlds.  


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What inspires You?

1) Our humanity, our capacity to go ahead with our history. We are so complex.When I meet one friend I don’t meet only one men, one face but also his past, family, culture, experiences.
Yes this basic complexity it’s for me always a wonder.

The Animals don’t have the choice, I mean the Nature is omnipottent.But we can, in normal situation, choose the direction. Where are responsable about our act and destinity.

2) The relation. What can I do if I’m alone?
How I can have sincere and evolutive relation with someone and in the same time to have my stability (don’t loose myself)? To give sincerly without to make a sacrifice. The limit is subtle. 3) The space and the profoundness.  

What is the concept for “Soleil Rouge”

The concept of “Soleil Rouge” is the interrogative act. This envelopp when we are in the reflexion. Inside movement and how the outside vanish…I mean what’s happend with the interrogation?
Where we are when we want to know?

“Soleil Rouge” in your spirit in my history and vice versa? If no ask, I can only imagine and in this situation is simply monologue no?

Int the same time the distance (and time) is here no doubt in Kilometers but also in the difference with our education, culture.
The concept is to find the same movement inside and outside. To show our ONE indentity. Many roles for one men. The Diversity…

How did you come up with the title for your music? What is the meaning behind the title?

In the same process “Soleil Rouge” is one question. The question and his situation. What means for me “Soleil Rouge”? Two creative situations.

1) first the meaning and the interpretation about 2 words very strong for the life: movement and energy. The Sun and Red color. I can’t stay peacfull on my chair with this tow bubbling. Something very strong attract me in this vision. In my music also I mean I would like to create something more easy listening but as in my life I really need to groove…

2) One symbole, one nation and identiy, your history, my love and my heart for your traditions, artists, spirit and food. It’s something very intimate and deep. I can’t explain it with more precision…it’s why I’m only a musician ;) I start music and martial art in the same time and I never stop…Soleil Rouge follow me.

“Soleil Rouge” is one opportunity, one presence and one wish. I’m here to understand why I’m here, “Soleil Rouge” it’s a bridge between my heart and Japan. One direct line from my life to my values. Not only Japan but Japan was my most important impulse…I have a lot to discover.  

Do you imagine or visualize your music while creating your music?

Yes clearly but I’m not a visual guy. I’m more with inside perception. My vision is like an internal movement. More than an intuition.
When I create I don’t close my mind but I don’t realize what’s happend. The window is open and the breath take me away. I’m a diurnal dreamer and the vision is here with me in the sound, rythm, image.
If I say “Soleil Rouge” I feel it and I feel my music in there. No difference, no distinction it’s why I prefer to say I’m IN the vision and not the inverse.  

What do you think about relationships between music and motion graphics, film or any kind of visual movies?

Today it’s really important to find collaboration and energy with different kind of expressions. In my case is really more understandable to appreciate my sound space with visual.
My music need space as you look from a good distance one painting you can appreciate the value of the painter, you lose the frame and you immerge in the image. If you are to nearest, you analize the green of the grass you loose all the poetry of the situation. For me thanks the visual the audience can appreciate not the soundscape.

As in relation with more relation you can really appreciate our diversity and to win the benefit of the experience of each. The life is so short.

The visual invite to come in the sound it’s my best ambassador.
And I have confidence in artist when I like the work. I don’t need to understand I really want to discover my partner. The communication is something very hard to elaborate. I need practice and the visual very exciting in my process.

What inspires you to create this music?

To say thank you!
I’m really happy to create music because it’s my identity and I repsect it. Before I thought the music was important in my life. Today I thought thanks the music I can understand and teach something important for the life. For me martial arts are the same you can understand a lot of good situations for you own daily life and offer after with actions the result. Without action no way.

For me the music and performance is to act as a man of reflexion and to think as a man of action. I don’t remember where I receive this council but it’s clearly one good thought.

What kind of music topics have you been interested in lately?

I create the electronic event Elefanten-Mixtur to offer one space where all the people could appreciate all kind of electronic Music from IDM to dance floor and in the same time to appreciate the multi channel diffusion. Today my preoccupation is also the visual artists. It’s really a marvellous creation to take care about Visual, Sound and the diffusion.
So my interest is to touch not only the music but to be coherent with my time.

How I can be coherent to go ahead with my goals and to promote some values thanks art? This is my interest since 2001. But I’m always ready to listen and discover again and again Coltrane, Varese or Jimy Hendrix.
The drummer is always in me…

My bigger discover in electronic music was Plastik Man…I start in 1995 my first electronic solo performance mixing “A Love Suprem” (Coltrane) with Plastik Man and drums.
My name was “a.l.s.o” “a love suprem omnipottent”.

How do you think the music will have developed in the future?

The music will have developed in the futur in the same way as the society and the needs of the people. Today the situation is to find solutions with our humanity and find a right balance.
I think we are today in the trough of the waves. A little bit as with the drum machine. Every body though that the drum machine could replace the drummer and…no, is only somethime more convenient.
Today we think: no need to be an artist only to know very well one software…not enough. So i have confidence that the new generation could mix the knowledge from outside (technologie) with the inside situation (heart).

It’s why when I tought for the first time “Factory and Fantasy” I was really touch deeper. This is the answer and This need to be promote. I mean the Poetry of the life. I’ll do my best to promote this value.

What is the most necessary things for you while creating your music?

I need to feel the coherence. To feel the why I’m here in front of my tools and why I want to switch on the power. It’s the most important.
After this to be sure that is not only for me. I need to give my creation, to share it, to enjoy it with company. I’m really for live performance. My creation need to be diffuse in real situation.
The gestural and the presence need to be promote also. Why you need to be present? Because you can only feel humanistic value when your are close. And this value is ma light motif.