Aphorism : Border

Minimal Expression

About Aphorism

An impact that can’t be felt no matter how long of a novel one reads can sometimes be expressed in a single sentence. In addition, in haiku, tanka and so on, which are part of Japanese culture, even the subtle emotions of nature can be expressed with a minimum of words. “Aphorizm” is a project that attempts to express keywords in succinct films. Each week a keyword is adopted, and wowlab designers make that keyword into a film at nearly impromptu speed. Most of these films are not so much productions but fragments of inspiration. Through these experimental projects, we make films as if writing and hope to sense a new filmmaking process.  


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Kaoru Kudo

Borderless ~line~

Sayaka Maruyama

Borderless ~ball~

Sayaka Maruyama

Ambiguity Sky

Yusuke Mizuno


Koji Murakami

Border Detection

Tomohiro Nagasaki

True or False

Miki Ogata


Shinya Kikuchi