• Renewal
    We renewed "WOWLAB" website, which is responsible for WOW's research and development.
    We modified our original installation "Factory and Fantasy", which was exhibited at the Miyagi Museum of Art in March 2009, for this exhibition. This is a narrative design that tells a story of one day with different camera views of the imagined world.
  • Factory and Fantasy
    Factory and Fantasy
    An installation where reality and imagination blends. We worked in collaboration with designers, artists and scientists in our region producing an installation work entitled "Factory and Fantasy".
  • AppArt
    "AppArt" is an application art project by WOW. WOW have started making mobile devices modified from our video installations for museums.
  • Profile
    wowlab is a Sendai based design unit of the WOW company. It established itself as an experimental platform for the delivery of new perspectives and approaches in motion graphic design.
  • Session : Andrea Valvini
    Session : Andrea Valvini
    What is the visual for music? What is music for a visual designer? “Session” is a project by design unit, Wowlab. This project is a collaboration work where musicians and visual designers can interact creating new relationships between ‘sounds’ and ‘visuals’. It is a new experience, as if you can listen to the visual and see the music. Based on this interaction, we will be creating something whereby visuals and music will be more integrated. This will be a snippet of a brand new expression which no one has witnessed before. This project is a part of our continuing process of exploring uncharted worlds.
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VisuaMusio – AppArt

We are delighted to announce that we have just released an iPad application VISUAMUSIO in the Apple iTunes Store.


Ophelia has a Dream

This installation “Ophelia has a Dream” was exhibited at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris as collaboration with MIHARAYASUHIRO for…


Cooliris Decks

Release of New iPad application “Decks” a collaboration between Cooliris and WOW. We ware in charge of UI and graphic design.


The earthquake in Japan

WOW’s future efforts for the Earthquake in Japan.We would like to extend our deepest condolences to all the victims of this…


Snow Drops

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Light Rain in Beijng

In Beijing, the CAFA Museum has held the exhibition “Decode: Digital Design Sensations”


New address of wowlab

We have moved our office to a new location due to an increase in development team staff.



We are pleased to announce that WOW will show our work “Spherical Origami”