WOW20th Anniversary Movie Logo Internal Competition Vol.2

‘W20W’ by Shingo Abe

As a precursor to releasing 12 works from WOW20, we have launched ‘the WOW20th Anniversary Movie Logo Internal Competition,’ involving visual media using the WOW20 logo. The task requires expressing WOW20, and completed with the logo, within 30 seconds. The 22 entries created by 25 participants are, unlike their normal creations, explosive expressions of each individual designer’s personality. It made us predict new diversity in the future WOW20 pieces. Here at wowlab, we will introduce the top 7 entries with interviews from the creators. In volume 2, we will take a look at ‘W20W’ by Shingo Abe.

Past interviews of WOW 20th Anniversary Movie Logo



Shingo Abe(Director / Designer)
Participated in ‘The Lady Gaga Experience’, ‘Connected Colors’, and more

- What is the concept of ‘W20W’?

It’s been 20 years since WOW was established in 1997, so I made the structure count up from 1 to 20. Although I’ve only been here for 10 years, I feel WOW is a company that challenges new things every year and creates new things by getting results. I felt it had a strong spirit for creating new paths. I wanted people to feel ‘What’s next coming up from WOW? ’, so I built up the hype and made it so that the numbers kept going up and changing in the video. ‘Constantly changing’, that was a big theme for me on this piece.


- Where did you get the idea from?

The theme ‘SHITSURAE’ and the website had an ‘oriental’ atmosphere, so I used oriental patterns for the numbers and started changing them. Craftsmen use a vast amount of precise patterns to create beautiful patterns. I thought such beauty would fit right in with the WOW20 atmosphere. While WOW seeks change and challenges new things, it also has the element of a craftsman who pays close attention to the last detail. I wanted the viewers to catch both sides from the screen. It starts with small patterns gathering, then it develops into something different. That’s the idea for this video and the theme for the video structure.


- What is the highlight of the video?

I think at first, viewers cannot tell what they’re seeing. But gradually, they start to notice, ‘are they numbers? ’ ‘Oh, it’s counting up’. And at 18 or 19, they realize ‘I get it! ’. So I focused on emphasizing the 20 on WOW20 in the overall flow. I made it hard to see at first so after watching it the first time, they will wonder ‘What was it like when it was 0 or 1? ’ I wanted them to look back at it once again and enjoy it twice. And after the 20 disappears, bigger numbers like 25 and 30 show up to express the thought, ‘We will keep moving forward ’. The numbers are hidden though, so please try to find them.


- I’m sure there was not enough time, which part did you spend the most amount of time on?

For the transition of numbers, I came up with a few patterns then picked out which one to use, and for that I stopped at each scene and spent a lot of time on it. Especially the counting part, I often thought ‘This pattern is predictable, but this is too abnormal, what should I do…’ and took a long bath to think about it every time.


- Which part did you spend the most time thinking about?

I made the video so what unfolds goes beyond the story the viewers imagine. When something beyond your imagination happens, your head clears up and it feels good. Every year, even if it’s something that was going on from the previous year, WOW always exceeds expectations and challenges new things. Then it gets results and makes precise products. So I want the mindset towards this video to reflect on the mindset of WOW.

In our next session, we will look at an original piece that unifies robots and Kabuki.